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The Internet Revolution: Before and After

The same was true of the news media, which was paper-based, bulky and retroactive, as today's news could only go to print tomorrow. Today, in contrast, communication is largely paper-free and instantaneous, thanks to the Internet. Instead of "snail mail", families, friends and colleagues use emails and instant messaging, while newspapers have up-to-the-minute online versions. The reduction of paper reduces time, cost and reach of previously geographically-limited information, resulting in shorter and less personal, if not less meaningful communication on the family level, and more sensational and specious information on the public level, both of which are more transient than before.
A similar change can also be observed in the working world. Today 'telecommuting' is the new catch-word as businessmen use laptops and cellular phones to stay in touch with the office from anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of the hour-long commute, and when men went off to work at 8:30 to return ten hours later after a nine to five; with the Internet, the office has become less and less a clearly defined space. ...
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Since its creation in 1970 as a military defense strategy, and its public inception in the early to mid-nineties, the Internet has revolutionalized the way we live, play, work and think. Through a publicly accessible system of interconnected computer networks that transmit data in previously unheard-of ways, individuals and organizations have access to electronic mail, online chats and the world wide web of interlinked pages (Wikipedia)…
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