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Book Review for Gil's "Treating Abused Adolescents"

Gil (1996) also points out the scarcity of research pertaining to adolescent abuse and says, " this may reflect the lack of concern about the plight of older youngsters, who are perceived by many as less vulnerable, more resourceful, and more capable of self - protection than younger children" (p. 50).
Gil begins the book by outlining the case of Jennifer, who was subject to sexual abuse from the age of 2. Having run away from home and several foster homes, she turned to prostitution and panhandling and becomes pregnant by the age of 13. Jennifer was a seemingly hopeless case as she had suffered too long and too deeply. Yet she dug deep within and found the courage to cope with her problems effectively. On this inspiring note, Gil proceeds to give an overview of the book. She describes the term "adolescence" and gives us a history of its roots, explaining how social and political movements and changes have influenced our perception and understanding of these individuals.
Adolescence is a crucial developmental period in the life of the individual and traumatic events that disrupt normal development may have lifelong implications for the victim. ...
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The book, Treating Abused Adolescents by Eliana Gil describes the abuse suffered by adolescents between the ages of 13 - 18 and the terrible consequences that blight their young lives. Using her own extensive experience working with abused adolescents and her intimate knowledge of the available research literature pertaining to abuse, psychological and developmental theories, she draws up a cohesive report of the situation as it is…
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