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Florida Emergency Response Plan

However, the question is now to judge whether what is on paper is as good when it is tested by nature. Based on the experience of Hurricane Andrew, the federal government and its local counterparts have implemented the need to formulize specific plans and operating procedures to cope with these calamities but the Andrew experience has now been overshadowed by another Hurricane. Katrina hit the Bahamas, South Florida, Cuba, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida Panhandle, and most of eastern North America on August of 2005 costing the US almost 82 billion in damages and the lives of 1836 people ("Hurricane Katrina", 2006). This happened after the requirement of each state to have its own emergency response systems and the institution by the federal governing bodies solely focused on did after preparation and mitigation. The devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina most recently has further emphasized the need to have these disaster plans carefully examined, updated and monitored.
The Florida Fire Chiefs' Association has created the FFCA Statewide Emergency Plan (SERP) is an effort to coordinate and mitigate response during emergencies. ...
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The state of Florida has realized the importance of effective and efficient Emergency Response Plans as early as 1992 when hurricane Andrew devastated the southern Dade County. Considered as one of the most devastating disasters in US history, it has brought to light the specific requirements in services, logistics and finance that may be needed in such calamities…
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