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Suppose the body p is positively charged. The free electrons in the conductor xy get attracted towards the end x. the positive ions get repelled to the end y. Thus the nearer end x is negatively charged while the farther end y is positively charged.
Benjamin Franklin was the first man to conduct experiments regarding the separation of charge…

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According to the electromagnetic theory, a charged particle in accelerated motion must radiate energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. So an electron revolving around the nucleus must also radiate energy and finally fall into the nucleus following a spiral path.
5. Although these quarks can not be isolated individually, but in combination with the others it can give existence to subatomic particles as electrons and protons. An electron is made up of one up-quark and two down-quarks (u, d, d) and a proton is made up of two up-quarks and one down-quark (u, u, d).
Water or moisture on the earth absorbs heat from the sun and the surroundings. When enough heat has been absorbed, some of the liquid molecules have enough energy to escape from the liquid and begin to rise into the atmosphere as a vapor. As the vapor rises higher, the temperature of the surrounding air becomes lower. Eventually, the vapor loses enough heat to the surrounding air to allow it to turn back into a liquid. Earth's gravitational pull then causes the liquid to "fall" back down to the earth, thereby completing the cycle. ...
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