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Essay example - Report on Representation of Slavery

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The visit was to Baltimore's Fort McHenry and to Hampton. These two places have been a witness to the wars that ran through the history of United States. They have also been witness to a number of civil issues that rocked the country. The visit started with Hampton which is closer to Baltimore and after an extended stay and discussion with the people there, Fort McHenry was also studied and a number of interesting points were noted…

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Baltimore was not a major fighting point during the civil war but played a strategic role because of its position. All troops and movement of men and material need to flow through Maryland to reach the war fronts of the south. Fort McHenry was the prison for the supporters of the secession during this period. However, Fort McHenry played a significant role during the fight with the British in 1812. There is also evidence of Afro-American descendants fighting for America. Fort McHenry and Hampton are about 10 miles from one another. The visit to Hampton which is off the north bound Dulaney Valley Road and into the Hampton lane for about a mile down, is interest kindling and relates the social history and life of the people during that period. Whereas, Fort McHenry relates us to the times of war and power play that makes to the history books. While one is a symbol of life, the other is a symbol of victory over aggression and the victory of equality of human beings.
Private William Williams was the first black to get into the exclusive only white US Army in 1812. Fort McHenry represents the day of equality for the first time in the history of US. ...
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