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Questions College

The Indian culture is famous worldwide. When one finds a woman wearing a bindi on the forehead, we instantly know that she is a Hindu from India. Similarly, when we spot a man in a dhoti or when we picture kings mounted on elephants and living in exotic palaces, we certainly conjure the image of India. However, this is not limited to these expressions of culture. Inherently, the Indians are traditional and love keeping up their ethics and social traditions in spite of the modernisation. The Indian culture is not just pertinent to one religion and represents all the religions followed in India. It is this multi-culturalism that enhances the beauty fo the Indian culture. Now, when we meet an Indian, we certainly assume numerous things about his culture, which is because we do conjure a picture about what India is. This is typical to a high culture context.
2. Consider the culture of the country you chose for the first question. ...
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The country, whose culture I am familiar with, is India. India is a country that has emerged not only as a strong political power, but has also succeeded immensely at influencing the whole world and winding the world in its culture…
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