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Managing Involvement and Participation - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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Involvement and participation strategies help organizations to organize staff and motivate them, ensure effective organizational performance and profitability. In this case, human resources planning is a procedure that seems to make a great deal of sense. One would expect that such a procedure would be widely practiced, particularly among larger firms with the size and resources to support such planning…

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Managing Involvement and Participation

Further, such planning gives the organization an opportunity to prepare to meet that future in a more proactive manner.
In both case studies, training and development programs are the main tools which ensure participation and involvement of staff. Following Armstrong and Baron, training is much more than a technical exercise to impart knowledge and skill to the worker. It is first and foremost a point of contact among a worker's need to grow, to feel capable, to be respected for what he or she can do, and management's need for productivity. If the task bank is present at that point of contact, it can provide a shared interpretation and understanding of what training is required as well as how and when that training can be best delivered (Bateman and Snell 32). The organization then makes the investment in training required for worker competency. In return, the worker brings the flexibility and willingness to apply these newly acquired competencies to the inevitable problems and challenges on the job. A partnership develops that, if nurtured through the words and deeds of management, further reinforces the trust that is required for a quality product or service. ...
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