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high preformance work system in HRM (humen resource management)enhance the effectiveness of the orgnization - Essay Example

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high preformance work system in HRM (humen resource management)enhance the effectiveness of the orgnization

Also, more involvement in the organization makes the employees more empowered leading to a more committed workforce which in turn affects the productivity and effectiveness of the organization. According to Kling (1995), training, which is the second component of HPWS makes the company more adaptable to changes and enables it to improve the quality of output that leads to the increase in profitability. The third component, incentives, motivates employees to come with "outcomes that are beneficial to themselves and the organization as a whole" (Brown 2006). This results in a more productive workforce and a more effective organization. There are also specific reasons why HPWS can enhance the firm's HRM, effectiveness, productivity, and profitability. There were studies that linked HPWS with 14.8% growth in productivity, 12.2% improvement in workforce innovation and 7.7% reduction in employee turnover (FAS). These increases in the significant aspects of the organization can have substantial effects that enhance the organization's status. One specific reason is workplace participation. Since HPWS allows workers to participate in the decision making, a culture of decentralization and responsibility will be present in the workplace (Kling 1995). ...
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High Performance Work Systems (HPWS) combines different HR practices that include staffing, training and development, performance management and other measures that involve strategic human resource management (FAS). HRM benefits from HPWS and also enhances the organization's effectiveness through adaptability to changes and increased productivity and profitability…
Author : marquiselebsack

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