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Curriculum Evaluation Plan

A thorough and useful curriculum is dependent upon evaluation. Research though different than evaluation is a necessary component of curriculum evaluation. Curriculum evaluation is an ongoing process that does not begin at the end of curriculum delivery; instead formative and summative evaluations are used conjointly to create a comprehensive view of the curriculum. Likewise, all those in contact with the curriculum from the teachers to the curriculum design specialist enact curriculum evaluation. This model provides a functional example of curriculum evaluation in which all aspects of the curriculum are evaluated and analyzed for program improvement.
Asking the right questions requires understanding of the desired goals in each area of the curriculum. Evaluating educational goals complete with their objectives in each area are the first step in assessment of the curriculum. Curricular components that should be addressed are;
is the curriculum relevant, is there a balance in the curriculum, is the curriculum integration desirable, is the curriculum properly sequenced, is there a continuity of programs, are learning's transferable, is the scope of the curriculum adequate, realistic, and are curricula well articulated between levels (Oliva, 2003)
Understanding the goals for curriculum and students in these areas is the first key to curriculum evaluation. ...
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Evaluation of curriculum is a necessary step in curriculum design. Assessing the curriculum in different areas to ensure that it meets the needs of students and school districts is an undertaking that requires various steps of data collection, evaluation, and implementation.
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