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Six Sigma Methodology

This should be at the rate of one black belt and two green belts for every 140 employees, ideally. Similarly for every 800 employees it is advisable to have a Master Black Belt who would coordinate the whole project and we should be able to nominate a champion to take things forward.
2. Tolerance of variation needs to be established. During the course of the process study one of the important measures that need to be achieved would be to identify to what extent errors during the implementation of the six sigma could be tolerated. Variations could be in multiple areas of operation, in design, by design, customer acceptance, etc.,
3. Slack in the availability of the human resources. It is very difficult to free a person in its entirety for the initiative. We need to look at allocating one day per week of every person. Working out the total time spent in terms FTE (Full-Time Equivalents) would help us in judging whether to have full time change agents in the company and to also decide how many of them we will adopt for this purpose.
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1. Process study. This would involve the study of the existing processes and the results that the existing processes are producing. This would let us know where we are and then would enable us to identify where we need to move to.
3. For the manufacturing end where the quality and defect component needs to be monitored on production processes employed, we will be using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) process improvement methodology for initiating Six Sigma.
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