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Essay example - International HR and Organizational Behavior

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This paper discusses the role of International Human Resource in organizational learning. Moreover, this paper also highlights important factor for the success of the implementation of organizational learning in international business firms. Two countries were of exclusive study in this paper, Japan and the United Kingdom…

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131). When Japanese firms, as suggested by the two authors, face similar institutional forces, they have developed different levels of the organizational capabilities required to effectively use their resources in international competition. In most Japanese Firms, the HR or the firms' resources and capabilities emphasizes the management of the internal environment of the firm as a key to competitiveness. These are called "the fixed, firm-specific input factors of production.
The subject organizational learning has been of frequent study in the literature as a system that significantly assists the survival of small firms. In United Kingdom's manufacturing firms, it has been studied that entrepreneurial firms use higher-order (or double-loop) learning. Moreover, it has been also found that higher-order learning greatly influences definite managerial competencies. Firms were able to manage information more effectively than non-entrepreneurial firms.
In persuading small firms to increase their commitment to employee and organizational development, the UK government has adopted the philosophy of organizational learning (Fryer 1997). ...
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