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Other types example - If someone claims that both the division of knowledge into disciplines and the division of the world into countries on a map are artificial, what does this mean

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Other types
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If someone claims that both the division of knowledge into disciplines and the division of the world into countries on a map are artificial, what does this mean What is the nature of boundaries between areas of knowledge, in your view
Geographically, the world is a large territory of 510,065,600 km, comprised of water and land…

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What are the processes underlying the compelling desire of human to dissect and divide, are these processes comparable, how has the divides occurred - these perplexing questions have puzzled generations of outstanding scholars, but still remain unanswered.
The world is multi-dimensional with numerous natural boundaries: mountains and rivers, deserts and forests, fields and lakes, plateaus and slumps compose a unique and highly diverse image of the Earth. These natural boundaries have provided mankind with references points allowing people to move from one point to another, travel, hunt, explore the remote areas always using these natural points to return to the native places and family. Evidently, these natural boundaries have played - and continue to play - an essential role in shaping human civilisation, as we know it, but they have failed to fully satisfy the needs of human society. The artificial boundaries dividing the nations and communities have been created artificially to address these implicit needs.
Knowledge does not have a clear defined surface area or natural boundaries; its abstract nature makes it barely possi ...
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