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Evidence Based Medicine

They point out that the journals have a scholarly rather than practical approach to solving clinical matters at hand, (Department of Medical Sociology, 1998).
With the aim of exploring the barriers that GPs face in the implementation of EBM in routine clinical work and identifying possible strategies in its integration in daily work; studies have been carried out to explore this phenomenon in various parts of the world.
One such study was carried out by Kenneth S Yew (MD) and Alfred Reid (MA) from the Uniformed Services University and The University of North Carolina respectively, (Physicians for the twenty-first century, 1984). They held focus group discussions with 10 General Practitioners (GPs) in public and private practice in the randomly selected from Charlotte and its environs. The aim was to find out the long term effects of teaching Critical Appraisal and Evidence Based Medicine on practicing physicians. Their goal was to explore ways in which the long-term outcomes of an integrated CA/EMB curriculum could be evaluated using a qualitative analysis of self-reported use of the two skills in everyday medical practice. Their secondary goal was to find out barriers to CA/EMB application. Reinhold Wentz has estimated that 50,000 physicians, students and health care workers receive training each year, Wentz R. (2001).
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Concerns have been raised in the past few years about the used of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) in general healthcare practice. EBM is the practice of searching for journal articles to appraise and answer clinical questions, then applying the results quantitatively and qualitatively to patient care, (Belgian Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine 1994)…
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