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Essay example - Wal Mart Marketing Audit

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Wal-Mart is the world largest retailer super shop. They sell a variety of products and provide services. The study analyzes the environmental aspects including customer, market and stakeholders with respect to Wal-Mart. The study also intends to discover the wide-ranging market coverage of Wal-Mart and its popularity to the customers' for improved services in case of household commodities…

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Market of a company means the present and future customers of its goods and services. Wal-Mart's market indicates its actual and potential buyers. Apart from United States of America, Wal-Mart market is gradually expanding in some other regions of the world; such as, UK, China, USA, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan and Russia etc. Wal-Mart has a favorable stock- market in some regions by means of which the company avails the advantage of selling out their shares at the significantly increased rate. Some stockholders contribute professionally-managed funds that widely help in buying and selling huge numbers of shares for pension plans, unions, and other large groups. Others are individuals who are saving for their retirements, children's college funds or other needs. In both cases, the goal is to buy the shares when the stock is low and sell is high. Neil Currie and Svetlana Sukhanova states that "Wal-Mart may follow its past practice of using a joint venture or acquisition to enter the market" (Ermakova, 2008).
From a minute analysis of above data, it is clear that MOSCOW is the most profitable are ...
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