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Different educational research methods

Unfortunately, there is an existing mind-set that educational research is not applicable to "real world" education, nor to teaching. However, as research is successfully applied in more and more educational settings, administrators and policy makers increase their appreciation for, and use of, research. To that end, teacher preparation programs, curriculum policies and teaching methods are now being consistently evaluated and modified through research.
Although it is clear that research should and must be incorporated into teacher preparation, determining which type of research approach most appropriate and most beneficial for education is one of the major debates in the educational arena. Creswell (2002) argues that it is vital that the research methodology be chosen based upon the characteristics of the study, rather than any preconceived preferences by the researcher. Patton (1986) proposed that the purpose of the study should be the driving force in any research evaluation and therefore, be the primary factor considered by the researcher. Keeping both of these philosophies in mind, the researcher should then choose the research method based on the purpose of the study and the characteristics of the study. ...
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A wide range of research designs is available for us in educational research. It is imperative that the research methodology be selected based upon the characteristics of the study, as opposed to the preferences of the researcher (Creswell, 2002). Compare and contrast quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method research designs…
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