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scientic psychology cannot live with folk psychology and cannot live without it

Folk psychology explains people actions in terms of their goals however scientific psychology explains actions of individuals based on what leads them to undertake these actions. Despite the distinction scientific psychology still has some normative aspects and for this reason cannot live without folk psychology.
Folk psychology has been challenged by scientific psychology and this is based on how folk psychology results are achieved, in most cases folk psychology results will conflict with results of scientific psychology. For this reason therefore it is very difficult to choose which results best explain human behavior, due to conflicting results of the two disciplines scientific psychology tend to criticize the results of folk psychology and for this reason scientific psychology cannot live with folk psychology.
Folk psychology assumes that people already know why they tend to believe in their actions and why they take these actions, according to scientific psychology people are not aware of why they take certain actions, this is a conflict of assumption and therefore it is evident that scientific psychology cannot live with folk psychology.
According to Stephen Stitch it is possible to undertake scientific psychology without folk psychology where he gave an example using beliefs. ...
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Folk psychology is also referred to as common sense psychology and it involves studies based on the beliefs of an individual, there exist relationships between scientific psychology and folk psychology but they are both different disciplines aimed at understanding human behavior…
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