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AIS and the training issues

Information is provided to the operator in the form of complex iconic plots so the comprehension of display is crucial. He should have sufficient training that supports him in making the interpretation of the various elements.So, the display settings of the ship and its better understanding could play a better role in effective use of AIS (Sands, 2004). The mariner has to go through a lot of data and make interpretations of such data presented to him in the form of a certain display. It is therefore necessary to refine their ability of mariners to scan information sources and extract data. "The marine environment presents a challenge in that data displays are not at all standard in presentation or location. Despite this difficulty, the mariner can, for a given configuration, develop effective techniques to extract needed data" (Bronaugh Jr).
Familiarity with source: Mariners should be trained with respect to the data and various elements related to it but most importantly they should have knowledge of the sources of such data. If the mariner could understand the source from where the data stream is generating then he could identify problems and errors earlier. (Spalding et al., 2002)
Training related to errors: Training should impart the need for caution and care among the learners. ...
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Considering the usefulness of AIS or Automatic identification system for Navigation, the training of the system becomes more important. Some of the important considerations and issues in the training of AIS are as:
Familiarity with display and data: Though AIS is still a relatively new and under developed system, training still plays a crucial role in making it more effective…
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