Carl Marx View on Human Freedom

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Webster defined freedom as the state of "being free; exemption from obligation unrestricted use and a right of privilege. World English Dictionary (North America Edition), on the other hand, defined the word in philosophical view as a free will. In there it says that it is "the ability to exercise free will and make choices independently of any external determining force'.


Much more, freedom in education will be narrower if we wouldn't have access to quality education - this will somehow fall into privilege.
The same thing goes with our freedom for the quality nourishment. We wouldn't be entirely free or privileged if stock of food will be limited, as we are under the restriction of immediate available means.
Several factors also considered to be major hindrances of such freedom. Racial discrimination is one. It is apparent that it suppresses the rights and freedom of many colored-skin people, just because of their skin.
There are cases that some housing privileges were not considered to the blacks because of their skin color. Undeniably there are still rights and privileges that some of the colored skin people cannot fully acquired.
Faith or spiritual conviction can also limit the freedom of certain individual regarding beliefs and spiritual principles and practices. This also somehow affects the lifestyle of individual inevitably, when one put into application the beliefs and principles.
Gender is also another factor that limits the freedom of certain individuals. ...
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