Public relations process for Deltec

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Delstar is an athletic company manufacturing and marketing athletic equipments for male and sports apparels for female. The company has been successful in meeting the equipment needs of male athletes but is facing a setback for some time in the female sports apparel due to some reason.


The CEO has asked for a range of services from our agency including the advice for a major labor issue faced by the company in the recent past. A detailed analysis was made in this regard to help Delstar to come up with same market share as that of its male athletic equipments. The following paragraphs will discuss the issue in detail to find a way out and help Delstar to survive and succeed in the market. Our agency, therefore, suggest a range of efforts to be performed by Delstar to compete with other firms in the industry and to become a threat for them in the years to come. The company has to conduct a couple of researches in this regard. To start with, our agency advices Delstar to conduct a market research so as to know the pulses of the target group.
The first and foremost task in the effort of marketing any product /service is to know whether there are consumers for the desired product/service in the market. So knowing about the market is advisable before thinking about the product and its features. Once the consumers' taste and preferences are well understood, the company can start thinking seriously about the product design and development. Because, our agency believes firmly in 'Prevention is better than Cure' policy in marketing. ...
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