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Criminal Justice System Bachelor

The social-science evidence points strongly to the influence of parents as the chief underlying cause of juvenile crime. In England, 27 per cent of prison inmates had been in care and 47 per cent had run away from home as a child. But it's not just broken families. Criminal parents are much more likely to raise criminal offspring: a recent survey found that 43 per cent of prisoners had family members who had been convicted and 35 per cent had a family member who had been in jail. But family breakdown is important, especially when parents contradict each other - thereby providing no clear moral lead - or compete for affection by being lax with their children. Such conflict is more likely in disrupted families, when one parent is absent, or when a new partner or step-parent appears.[1]
An answer could be found in the root causes of disrespect and irreverence. Has society targeted the reasons for disrespect and irreverence in search of an answer, or is the singular aim to "get tougher" on social malfeasance an answer in and of itself
This paper will take a telescopic look at the root causes of criminal behavior in our society's youth and the legal policies that affect it. It is noted in this work that the purpose of enacting legal policies is to deter crime and reduce the rates of recidivism ("repeat offenders") that peter through the criminal justice system.
On closer inspection, the ...
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Rumor has it that the root causes of juvenile delinquency and crime are disrespect and irreverence of life, though there are no definitive studies upholding the belief. On its face, it sounds right; but deeper introspection shows that "disrespect" and "irreverence of life" are too broad-based, vague and general.
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