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Essay example - My Role as a Military Officer

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It has long been my ambition to become a professional Military Officer. I wish to be part of the group of devoted men and women who selflessly dedicate their lives for the welfare of our beloved country. It is my conviction that this career is a noble profession which is valuable and significant to society…

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That objective alone establishes a sufficient motivation for me to go through this challenge. I am aware that being a Military Officer carries with it a great responsibility and requires utmost devotion and determination. It is my aspiration to gain knowledge and expertise in this field to be of efficient service. I believe that every man has his own destiny. And in my heart, this is what I am committed to pursue.
As a Military Officer, I am expected to possess the necessary qualifications to fulfill this delicate function. Society must be assured that I have a keen understanding and appreciation of the true nature and significance of the military profession and have a thorough awareness of the social responsibilities it entails. It is important to be trained to be an effective leader in all aspects of army life and to be responsible for a team of soldiers and other personnel under my command. Aside from possessing high degrees of self-discipline and excellent physical and mental fitness, I am required of expertise, broad liberal education and technical knowledge to effectively apply military force in an orderly manner. Society expects that its Military Officers are committed, competent and capable of taking any mission whose objective is to protect and defend the country. ...
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