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Clothes possess a number of functional roles, like offering protection, shelter and also helping us accentuate our physical appearances.
Clothes play vital roles in carrying forward messages related to social or religious inclinations, marital status, etc. For example, In India, a married woman wears colorful clothing with the red sindoor. However, a widow gives up decking herself with jewellery and wears a white sari, that denotes her marital status. It also acts as a medium of depicting one's profession or nationality. To quote another example, ladies belonging to the Islam wear the burkha in accordance with their religion, which again denotes identities. Clothes also convey modesty and ethics, and the type of clothing plays a dominant role in assessing a person's character, while also portraying his background and Thus clothes possess numerous functional duties.
A number of factors come to the forefront in deciding about the kind of clothing that dominate varied regions of the world. ...
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Abstract: This article talks about Clothing across the past twenty centuries and the numerous stereotypes that have emerged, in this field. It also deals with the various factors that play roles in selection of the kind of clothing for varied occasions, today!…
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