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Global warming is currently considered as one of the world's largest problems because of its numerous and huge expected adverse effects in all aspects of human life. In simple words, this phenomenon can be defined as the increase in the average temperature of the earth's near-surface air and oceans.


Global warming will generally make the sea level rise and changes the amount and pattern of precipitation resulting in floods and droughts. Experts add other detrimental effects: "Other effects may include changes in agricultural yields, glacier retreat, reduced summer streamflows, species extinctions and increases in the ranges of disease vectors" (Global Warming 1). The detrimental effects of the global warming can be felt in some of the regions of the globe. Thus, there is a need for an effective and immediate solution to this problem to spare the world of its damaging effects.
In recognition of this problem, business organizations, institutions, environmental groups and institutions are now engaged in ardent efforts in minimizing the causes of global warming. For example, since the gases emitted by automobiles are identified as the second largest cause of global warming, car manufacturers are now investing the design and manufacture of more environment-friendly cars. Governments are also mandating the industry to reduce their emission of greenhouse gases. Amidst all these efforts, global warming remains a looming threat for the world as it is not fully eliminated by the solutions put in place.
I believe that the best solution for global warming is the collective ...
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