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Poem 'I felt a Funeral in my Brain'

The persona merely narrates it without emotion. As if a monotone of events just happened, there is no allusion to color or anything that would enrich any other feeling. Perhaps the closest is the use of sound as in "creak across my Soul," "Drum kept beating" and "bell_ began to toll." All these terms does not convey any feeling. But since this poem is a narration in the past, the author could not have meant to convey feeling of fear or foreboding.
The use of metaphors like in the 1st stanza, "I felt a Funeral, in my brain" adds complexities to the understanding of the poem. Can there be a funeral in the brain This adds spice and reflection to the poem. Taking the 1st part of the line into consideration, the persona talks of a death in her brain that she felt, meaning that she was not a witness but a participant. What part died she could not as yet identify. Mourners in a funeral are people aware of who died and for what causes. In the poem these symbolize the necessary information for the persona to identify what it is in her that died. These mourners just "kept treading_ treading," or information that is there but cannot be identified. It is about to be known to the "Sense" or to the consciousness of the persona when suddenly they stop moving. Next movement is the sound of drums. ...
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The poem, I felt a Funeral in my Brain, speaks of a funeral in the literal and imaginative sense. Literal in that it talks of stages of a funeral from mourning, service, carrying of the coffin and eventually the drop into the grave. Imaginative is that it makes the reader think that there is more to this than an ordinary narration of stages…
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