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The research exercise was to arrive at the strategy of the search process to identify and locate the desired research articles in support of the research process proposed. The search was undertaken on the different type of online databases like exclusive medical databases that contained articles related to medical subjects alone and general research databases like science direct which have a comprehensive coverage of different type of research articles from different type of journals from medical science to psycho-sociological aspects of the medical system…

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adults, the current trend on the progression in lung cancer among the U.S adults, the relevance of smoking among the above mention group, the effect of passive smoking among the U.S. adults etc. The several study reported under this category also included the effect of long term assessment of these factors. The important journals that have reported the relevant articles for the research question proposed here are Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, Lung Cancer, Clinics in Chest Medicine, Journal of Adolescent Health, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Social Science & Medicine, Health Psychology and Preventive Medicine. The search strategy adopted to locate the relevant articles is by using an appropriate search tag like "smoking + lung cancer + U.S. Adults" within each of the journals listed earlier. About 1109 journal articles were located in the database in the initial search effort. Further refinement of the search using appropriate fields gave the total number of articles as 78. ...
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