Choose two soundscapes in which music operates in a worship setting

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Choosing soundscapes as part of the experience of worship is becoming a more frequent and enlightening experience for the worshiper. In this respect the aide to worship brings together the beauty in creation to afford a more rounded and spiritually enhanced experience to participants.


The "Tao Meditation", is used to convey the worshiper into a deeper and more peaceful state of worship and spiritual growth. The music is focused in soft Tibetan sounds, with wind chimes, gongs, bells and gentle natural sounds to convey a deeper sense of inner peace and a desire to enter into the inner reaches of ones spirituality. The covey of the simple music allows for the worshiper to find a peaceful oasis of relaxation and stress relief from the business of life, to tap into the inner energies of spiritual awareness and silence.
The setting, that I experienced was a simple room, lots of natural light where the worshipers like myself sit in simple seating set in a semi circle, with a screen at the opening of the circle that provided the features that impact upon the sight sensory experience. The leadership by a competence alternative worship leader gently brought one into a sensory but spiritual experience. The significance of the experience is the fulfillment of the inner spiritual finding release in the gentle art of meditation.
There was no specifically set ritual, just a simple group desire to come together to enjoy and experience a deeper and more meaningful spirituality. The ritual if any; or indeed order, was the gentle leading of the group by the leader into the peaceful state of meditation. ...
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