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Tahiti Tourism IMC Plan

A viable IMC plan needs to take into consideration the existing and upcoming competitors (Porter 1980). At present, going by the global economic meltdown, the Tahitian tourism industry has been hit hard and is facing a slump like situation. With a majority of the tourist arrivals at Tahiti, hailing from the US, the local tourism and leisure industry has proven more then vulnerable to the recessionary international trends. In the existing scenario, the more affluent and resource rich tourist destinations are resorting to aggressive and proactive marketing strategies. In addition, the upcoming competitors like the Middle East and Africa are continually increasing their share in the tourism industry by posing a cutthroat competition.
The target segments have already been identified. All the digital and print media efforts are to be oriented around young singles, young married couples and post parenthood families in the US and France in general and in New Zealand and Australia in particular. The advertising efforts will tend to educate the target customers about the uniqueness of Tahiti in terms of pristine locations, variegated tourist activities, economical accommodation and food and affordability. The advertising campaigns will peculiarly target the urban customers in Australia. The media campaigns will stress on perceiving leisure as being a sound and affordable emotional investment rather then being a costly luxury (Ray 1982).
The media strategy wil ...
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According to the world tourism organization, the net worth of the international tourism industry stands to be $ 944 billion. Thus, there is no denying the fact that all the major tourist destinations around the world have a stake in the lucrative tourism industry…
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