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Effective Organizational Transformation

Hence, it is imperative for the organizations to be cognizant of the inherent complexity of an organizational transformation, to avoid any confusion or possible frustrations. Organizational transformation mostly affects an entire organization and do brings in ample confusion and chaos in its wake. Therefore, the involved stakeholders need to be willing and prepared to act and operate in an environment defined by ample change, amorphousness and uncertainty. Besides, there aught to be an optimum awareness at all the levels within and organization regarding the multiple phases of change and the knowledge, attitude and expertise required to manage each specific phase. In the given context, an acknowledgement of some key elements involving organizational transformation does help.
Vision- Any successful organizational transformation largely is dependent on a clear and lucid vision. A flawless vision does happen to be an essential ingredient of any well-managed organizational transformation. ...
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In the current scenario, organizational transformation mostly happens to be a revolutionary and complex process, which is usually perpetual in its scope and ambit. Thus, organizational transformation almost always calls for ushering in some drastic and innovative changes in the overall organizational structure and the related systems and subsystems, by using which an organization tends to produce and deliver products and services…
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