Manipulation through Media

Movie Review
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This is a study about how the media is manipulated to get the desired effect and the techniques used to achieve it. We will discuss it in context of two movies - Wag the Dog and V for Vendetta and also the ad rationale for M&M's chocolates. Wag The Dog is a 1998 movie directed by Barry Levinson.


Both these movies are targeted to politically aware urban audience and use various media manipulation techniques like camera angles and shots, sound effects, literary elements etc.
Camera angles and shots have been used effectively to bring out the desired effect. For example an extreme long shot emphasizes the background. In V for Vendetta, this shot has been used in the first scene when Guy Fawkes enters the room. To give the effect of a general view, a long shot is used where the scale of an object could be like a small human body. It has been used in this movie when V is coming from the alley. A medium shot is framed at a distance which makes an object four or five feet high to fill the screen. It is used to keep people in the longer shots. This shot has been used when the lady was going to spray on the 'finger guys'. A close up shot normally zooms in which the scale of an object is fairly large. This is done to focus on the facial expressions. This has been used on The Big Brother like character and V speaking in the alley. In another scene where chancellor is speaking to the people is an extreme close up that focuses on the mouth of the speaker to make the words important. ...
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