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Manipulation through Media - Movie Review Example

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Manipulation through Media

Both these movies are targeted to politically aware urban audience and use various media manipulation techniques like camera angles and shots, sound effects, literary elements etc.
Camera angles and shots have been used effectively to bring out the desired effect. For example an extreme long shot emphasizes the background. In V for Vendetta, this shot has been used in the first scene when Guy Fawkes enters the room. To give the effect of a general view, a long shot is used where the scale of an object could be like a small human body. It has been used in this movie when V is coming from the alley. A medium shot is framed at a distance which makes an object four or five feet high to fill the screen. It is used to keep people in the longer shots. This shot has been used when the lady was going to spray on the 'finger guys'. A close up shot normally zooms in which the scale of an object is fairly large. This is done to focus on the facial expressions. This has been used on The Big Brother like character and V speaking in the alley. In another scene where chancellor is speaking to the people is an extreme close up that focuses on the mouth of the speaker to make the words important. When Guy Fawkes is moving the gunpowder barrel, panning camera movement is used to create the mood as well as establishe the viewer's relationship with the subject. When Evey is moving the cart in the building a tracking shot is used which is a mobile framing that travels through space forward, backward, or laterally following the subject to give an authentic and spontaneous effect. When the filmmaker wants the audience to know everything that is going on, a crane shot is used, for example: girl is walking in the street after time. To make an interesting illusion of a still photograph, Freeze frame shot is used which is a shot that is taken and paused to focus on the image and facial expression for example: focusing on V's mask when he is talking to Evey. For creating tension, a tilted shot is used. This is used in this film when he is in a fight to create the desired effect of tension. High key and low key lighting is also used to create contrast between light and dark areas. It gives a dramatic effect. In this film low key is used when Guy Fawkes is hiding from the guards and high key is used when party leader is talking to inner party. To show the intensity of the situation a gradual transition from highlights to shadows is done to create sharp edged shadows. This is done when Guy Fawkes comes out to be hanged. To bring out the importance of two different scenes shot-reverse-shot is used in which two or more shots are edited together that alternate characters, typically in a conversation situation. This is done by dividing the screen to two when Evey and V are getting prepared while the TV is on.
To bring focus to an important object deep and sharp focus is used with a blurred image. For example, while evey turned the TV off, she was blurred and the focus was on the remote. To give the illusion of past, a flash back scene with faded colors is used. Mood is created through music also like drums and marching sounds.
Literary element is used in the movie 'Wag the Dog' from the title itself, which is a take off on the proverb of the dog wags the tail. It should not be the opposite - the tail should not wag the dog. In this ...Show more


This is a study about how the media is manipulated to get the desired effect and the techniques used to achieve it. We will discuss it in context of two movies - Wag the Dog and V for Vendetta and also the ad rationale for M&M's chocolates. Wag The Dog is a 1998 movie directed by Barry Levinson…
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Manipulation through Media essay example
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