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Andersonville: The Last Depot

It became Camp Anderson because it is the best name to be called so by the residents of Americus, Georgia as the place is very near to the vicinity of the Anderson Depot. Prisoners of Camp Anderson were named Andersonville. The Andersonville Prison was a stockade of Confederates located in the Caroll County which accommodated more or less 41,000 Union prisoners of war. It lasted for more than a year only -from February 1864 until April 1865.
Camp Anderson or Camp Sumter became the largest prison of Confederates Army in the history of Civil War. The author's viewpoint and also some people believed that the primary reason of the overpopulation in Camp Anderson is the Union's decision to stop exchanging prisoners as they have many reserved armies and are willing to sacrifice their captured soldiers until the Civil War is through. But because the prison was overcrowded, the tendency of the place is to low down the way of living. Starvation, malnutrition, sickness and epidemic started to experience. There also came to the point where survival of the fittest is best describe as the physically weak prisoners habitually took advantage by the strong ones. These resulted to decrease large number of prisoners. Soldiers imprisoned in Camp Anderson have rapidly reduced day by day. In fact, one third of the total population has diminished and died -that was more or less 13,000 prisoners.
The atrocity in Camp Anderson put into controversy ...
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Just for an overview about the American Civil War, it is a clash between the United States of America which they call "Union" led by Abraham Lincoln and the Confederate States of America consisting of eleven states led by Jefferson Davis in the years 1860 to 1865…
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