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the film "Super Size Me"

My current fast food intake is once or twice per month. The fast food restaurant is usually McDonald's or a local fast food place called Pop's, which serves burgers and Italian beef sandwiches.
The first fact I would like to mention is that obesity is now second only to smoking as the leading cause of death in America. Obesity is a common problem in the United States, as many Americans are sedentary in their jobs, and do not make time for or do not have time for exercise. On top of this, as a nation we are consuming a mass amount of junk food as well as frequenting fast food restaurants with regularity. This is unhealthy. From a nutrition standpoint, we should be cooking more meals at home, which is healthier, and trying to eat balanced diets which include fresh fruits and vegetables, a small portion of meat if that is acceptable, and whole grains, with a minimum amount of fat which isn't trans fat or polyunsaturated fat. ...
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The film Super Size Me is a documentary by Morgan Spurlock, a man in his 30's who decides that he is going to go on a McDonald's binge for 30 days to see how his health will change if he only eats their food for that particular period of time. In this essay, it will be discussed: a) how many times I have viewed this film; b) my current fast food intake and which fast food restaurants I frequent; c) references to three different facts/concepts discussed in the film and how these relate to the Nutrition course; d) an indication whether viewing this film has impacted/altered my fast food eating habits in which I specifically explain how and why; e) my opinion on whether fast food companies sho…
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super size me
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