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North Korea is a communist state located in East Asia where all the powers lie in the hands of the leader of the country. There has been only one party, KWP, in rule since independence in 1948. Most of the country is covered with high mountain ranges. The economic condition of the country is in very bad shape and it depends on foreign aids for the basic food supply.


North Korea is a part of eastern Asia. The country is the northern part of the Korean peninsula covering an area of 120,410 square kilometers. It shares its borders with South Korea, China and Russia. It has Korea Bay on one side and the Sea of Japan on the other. The coastline of North Korea is 2,495 kilometers long. Pyongyang is the capital city of the country.
80% of the Korean land is covered with rough mountain ranges. Plains and low-lands, inhabited by mass population, form a very small portion of the total area. Mount Paektu (2,744 meters) is the highest mountain of the region. The two prominent rivers of the country are Yalu and Tumen. The land experiences four distinct seasons and has a continental climate (Savada, 1993).
The present population of North Korea is around 23,301,725. The population growth rate is 0.84%. Korean is the official language of the state and the dominant religions are Buddhism and Confucianism. Chinese and Japanese people form a small section of the society (Central Intelligence Agency [CIA], 2008).
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea came into existence in 1948. Since independence the communist Korean Worker's Party has ruled the country. The government of the country, under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, exhibits true dictatorship. ...
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