Natural and Human Law in the Decameron - Book Report/Review Example

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Natural and Human Law in the Decameron

That is to say, there is an important highlighting of the natural laws in comparison with the human laws in the Decameron. "The reader quickly becomes aware, when reading the Decameron, that Boccaccio is working off some moral base in writing the stories which each of the storytellers tell The difficulty lies in finding what that moral base is, since it is certainly not the general morality of his time Arguably, the moral base of the Decameron is Nature. The storytellers strongly suggest this in several cases and from different point of views. Those who oppose themselves to the law of Nature are bound to failure and also perhaps to causing great harm." (Hastings) Therefore, there is an essential conflict between the concepts of natural laws and human laws in the Decameron and the author, Giovanni Boccaccio, emphasizes the importance and superiority of natural laws over human laws.
In the essential conflict between the concepts of natural laws and human laws, the laws of nature outweigh the laws of humanity and the natural laws are the moral base of the Decameron. ...
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In a reflective analysis of The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio, a careful reader realizes that the author has based his stories on some moral ground which was in accordance with the medieval literary practice. There is an apparent conflict between the concepts of natural laws and human laws in the Decameron and the writer gives complete picture of the struggle between the two essential concepts…
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