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China’s Economic Growth

China has experienced tremendous economic growth over the years. This growth however comes with a number of problems including environmental degradation, management of exchange rate, export dependency, corruption, healthcare provision, a growing income inequality and many more. These problems have threatened to undermine the benefits of the country's economic growth.
Increased environmental pollution and natural resource degradation have proved to be very serious negative consequences of rapid industrial development in China. This has led to problems like desertification, soil erosion and fall in the water table, particularly in the northern parts of the country. Even though the country has passed various environmental laws and taken part in a number of international conventions against pollution, pollution still remains a very serious concern in China, both now and in the future.
According to a WHO report in 1998, seventy per cent of the most polluted cities in the world are in China. China's own evaluation admits that over 66 per cent of its cities are polluted, with two thirds of them being either severely or moderately polluted. Consequently, heart and respiratory diseases have become major causes of death in the country.
Most of Chinese rivers are polluted and more th ...
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This paper examines China's economic growth, which has been very sustained and spectacular for close to a full generation now. However, this growth has also brought with it a myriad of problems. These problems include environmental degradation, management of exchange rate, export dependency, corruption, healthcare provision and the growing income inequalities and many more…
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