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Childhood Vaccinations Are they really needed

Flanders (2000), states the two examples of child's deaths which are connected with vaccination and non-vaccination. According to her article, one of the girls died of Hepatitis B, which kills about 5,000 thousand people in the US each year and the other died after being vaccinated against polio.
The main question, asked by Flanders (2000), is whether it should be obligatory to go through childhood vaccination, or should parents be able to refuse from immunization 'to avoid rare, but sometimes, serious, reactions'
'All sides of this debate have the same concerns at heart. They all want children to be healthy and protected. It's just the ways to achieve this goal that are contentious. The fact that vaccines prevent a huge number of illnesses, but have some side effects, makes for a difficult policy question, but not one that hasn't been solved in other areas.' (Allen 2002)
At the same time, according to the Allen's article, 'the compensation program provides financial assistance to families to care for children injured by vaccines and helps those families who have lost a child to a severe side effect'. ...
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The present paper is devoted to the subject of childhood vaccinations in relation to the possible complications, with the searching of general conclusion, if these vaccinations are really needed. The work is the proposal for the research in terms of childhood vaccination, with the recommendations for the design of the work, possible methods of analysis and the validity of the results.
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