Technology's Impact on Society. Web Site Critique.

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The site wants to send a message that increasing use of technology is leading to erosion in societal values. The web site intends to generate a healthy debate about the uses and misuses of Technology.


Now we have computers and robots to assist us in almost every walk of life. We can interact with each other across long distances with just a couple of clicks of mouse. Technology has not only made this process much quicker, but in monetary terms also this has become much more convenient. This is an information age, and 'information' has become a very powerful tool in the hands of mankind. Now one looks on the net, for the latest scores of matches, weather conditions in another city/ country, to chat with our friends etc. One survey carried out by the web site points out that 52.8% people say, "I have used the Internet to make myself feel better when feeling sad, overwhelmed, or blue."

The other school of thought says, technological advancements have made the society less considerate towards each other. The computer savvy human being is no more bothered about social obligations. The personalized touch is no more there in the human relationships. Emails have now replaced personal visits. One to one greetings on occasions like birthdays and anniversary's have almost become things of past now. Some surveys carried out by the web site also point out towards this phenomenon. For example, one survey points out that 71.3% people say that, "More than once I have missed a meal rather than interrupt my time on the Internet." that we used to pass on to another person.
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