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King Lear and The Faerie Queen

Nowhere is this more evident than in his blatant disregard of Cordelia's affection and the subsequent decision to hand over control of his kingdom to his two unworthy daughters, Regan and Goneril. His two wicked daughters who praise and flatter Lear, tripping over themselves to demonstrate with words to convince them of their great love for him as their father, are the same two women who spend the remainder of the play seeking to destroy him. It is Cordelia who attempts to save him and the rest of Britain by bringing in an army to try and save them from the evil represented by her sisters.
King Lear quickly disowned Cordelia, previously his favorite of his three daughters, for not showing him the same flattery and praise that her sisters faked in his presence. He placed her in a terrible position, leaving for France and her wedding without the benefit of a dowry or the blessings of her family. Dependant solely on her virtuous nature, she leaves Britain to be married to the King of France who, unlike her father, treasures that nature above any flattery that she would bestow upon him. He gifts her with an army to return to her father's kingdom in the hopes of saving it from destruction at the hands of her sisters. Cordelia displays an inner strength that is enviable. ...
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King Lear enjoys the prestige that comes with the role of king. He begins the play as a very self-involved man who feeds off of the adoration of others. The significant change that occurs in Lear throughout the play makes his reunion with Cordelia the great tragedy of the play…
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