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Sugar is a sweet poison. Most of the people are not aware of this fact. Having sweet tooth has become a fashion in today's society. Excessive use of sugar in foods overburdens the function of pancreas in human body and excretion of insulin is slowed down.


The essay is attempted at bringing out the real genesis of the problem, its causes, control mechanisms and healthy life styles for the population who are suffering from this disease and those who are lying at the fringes of the problem.
Every single individual, a man or a woman, an old person or a young guy, an educated person or an illiterate laborer has different and unique perspective of this problem. Because body response to the sign, symptoms and syndromes are quite different in different individuals. It is very difficult to generalize many physiological disorders on a larger number of patients from different age groups or communities. Therefore collection of data on diabetes and its application on harmonious lines is quite difficult. However, certain aspects of this disease can certainly be contemplated on aggregate basis. The collection of information on diabetes from books, Internet, interviews with doctors, patients and learning about the traditional folklores about the ill effects of sugar on human body certainly reveals interesting and lesson giving results.
The most difficult part of this essay based on general information about diabetes was that most of the doctors and some patients who had more information would have not liked it. But this attempt is more like an attempt at precautionary measures against diabetes. Actual problem with the diabetes lies in its late diagnosis. ...
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