overcoming barriers in partnering in construction

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In this research, it has suggested that one possible strategy that a perfect partner in construction industry who are seeking to enter a business-dominated industry, or who are working in a dominated culture, might put into practice to surmount the hurdle of construction-based stereotypes and counter the homophilic propensity toward same-trade partnerships is to deliberately partner with an experience person.


No doubt, partnering in construction for private industrial purposes downwardly followed manufacturing decline in the United Kingdom, while, conversely, the main gain in share of total construction output has been in private commercial development - i.e., offices and shops - reflecting the growth of the tertiary sector of the economy. Public infrastructure, especially road-building for private transport, also showed considerable gains(Bak, J. K. 2004). In Ball's review of partnering construction output trends from 1955 to 1985, he noted the dramatic rise in public sector markets, both housing and other construction, from 1955 to 1972, as they doubled in value over this period, with the non-housing element trebling. This latter showed faster growth than any other partnering construction market (Hwang, I. J. 2003). Thereafter, following the oil crisis, there is a sharp division between falling public sector demand across all spheres, and cyclical but growing private sector partnering construction. The reshaping of the public-private divide was therefore a central feature of UK construction market demand over this period (Hwang, I. J. 2003).
No doubt, the power to draft building codes ...
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