Homer's Poetry

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Father Zeus, if ever before in word or action I did you favor among the immortals, now grant what I ask for. Now give honor to my son short-lived beyond all other mortals, since even now the lord of men Agamemnon dishonors him, who has taken away his prize and keeps it.


"Father of us all, you son of Cronus, high above all lords, yes, truly that man lies low in a destruction that is his due; so, too, may any other also be destroyed who does such deeds. But my heart is torn for the sake of wise Odysseus, unfortunate man who far from his friends has long been suffering afflictions in a sea-encircled island, where is the navel of the sea. It's a wooded island, and there resides a Goddess, daughter of Atlas of baneful mind, who knows the depths of every sea, and himself holds the tall pillars which keep earth and heaven apart. It is his daughter who keeps back that wretched, sorrowing man; and ever with soft and wheedling words she charms him that he may forget Ithaca. But Odysseus in his longing to see were it but the smoke leaping up from his own land, wishes to die. Yet your heart does not regard it, Olympian. ...
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