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Essay example - The individual process of sexual response

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Masters and Johnson were sex researchers who described sexual response as the result of two principal physiological changes - increase in blood flow to various parts of the body (vasocongestion) and increase in muscle tension (myotonia). Masters and Johnson chose to use the words "excitement," "plateau," "orgasm," and "resolution" to specify phases of the human sexual response cycle…

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As we get excited, an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, and often a noticeable "sex flush" in the chest, neck, face and ears are associated with increased blood flow and vasocongestion. In addition, there is nipple erection and an increase in muscle tension throughout the body. As excitement moves to plateau there are significant increases in heart rate, blood pressure, sex flush, breast size, respiration rate (heavy breathing), and muscular tension. At orgasm all physiological responses peak followed by a rapid release of muscular tension and return to pre-excitement levels for physiological measures.
Sexual response is an extremely individual process. People vary in their physical, mental, and emotional reactions to sexual stimulation. However, almost all people experience certain basic physiological changes that happen, and those fit with some general patters about what happens when one is sexually aroused.
T These stages describe the response to any form of sexual stimulation; they are not limited to penile-vaginal intercourse. The full sexual response cycle can be experienced during masturbation, manual stimulation by one's partner, oral sex, and fantasy.
In response to sexual stimuli (whether psychological in the form of sexu ...
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