Women in the Workplace A Positive Perspective

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'The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.' 'Behind the success of every man there is a woman'. 'Woman is nature; synonym of patience, dedication, and sacrifice'. We are acquainted with sayings like these to highlight the role of women in our society.


" (Shakespeare's Hamlet, 1603)
Whatever be the saying, it is a fact that women are the best creation of God or Mother Nature. Majority of the world's population do not release this and they treat women like slaves; be it at home or at work place. Men believe that women should not be independent and they want their household women (wife, daughter, sister or even mother) to be under the control of a man. In the olden days when the bread winner of the family (man) used to go out for business he would entrust the female of the house in the hands of a boy no matter if he is a kid who can not take care of even himself. This was their plight, then.
The goals of human development are deeply interlaced with the development and authorization of women as they comprise a significant proportion of the total population. Women not only represent the precious human resources of a country but their socio economic development sets the velocity for the growth of the rest of the economy.
Women in general were not allowed to be independent when growing up. The parents enforced different regulations on a girl which just hindered the girl from maturing enough. Girls were either protected by their parents or the primitive laws and they are never permitted to excel intellectually. The barbaric act of Sati practiced in India is worth to mention here. The practice was when the husband dies the wife has to jump into the pyre and sacrifice her life. ...
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