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This is a reaction paper on two selected nonfiction stories entitled Salvation by Langston Hughes and The Talk of the Town by John Updike. This paper endeavors to locate and interpret certain underlying messages found in the selected stories. It also attempts to identify writing techniques used and discuss their importance to the stories wherein they are incorporated.


The pages that follow will bear discussion on certain observations in the stories in relation to the prominent writing techniques being used by its authors to accomplish the ultimate purpose of their works.
To a certain extent, the work appeared to be a parody of some religious practices performed in his church. It funnily professed how, in his church, salvation was gained not through enlightenment but by public pressure. This parody was shown through the character of Westley, the rounder's son, who hastily decided to fake salvation because he was "tired o' sitting" on the "mourner's bench." This ludicrous scenario was amplified further when Hughes, himself, decided to "better lie, too, and say that Jesus had come, and get up and be saved" because it was late and he was "ashamed" for "holding everyone up so long."
The minister's method of preaching described in the essay as "all moans and shouts and lonely cries" showed the absurdity of an exaggerating manner of worship that others may consider superficial. This impression was further emphasized when "the whole building rocked with prayer and song" after Hughes submitted himself to fake salvation.
At the age of 12, Hughes learned a lot of things. ...
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