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European History, The French Revolution

At times it also appeared that the royal family's lavish spending was unsustainable. The sources of tax collection were also not adequate and efficient as the since many people like us (the nobles) and the clergy paid almost no tax and the peasants, who were already poor, were levied with much burden of tax and thus resulting into inequalities. The chargeable tax also varied from region to region.
The rising prices of food compelled the middle class to lose faith in the government. Other irregularities like the persecution of religious minorities and the state intervention in personal lives also annoyed the public. The people became increasingly dissatisfied with the monarchy. The antiquated legal system only added to the woes of the people with the government becoming synonymous with corruption and inefficiency. Earlier it was not so but now the king had a very autocratic and absolute behavior. The parlement had many times opposed the king's action feeling that traditional rights and liberties of the people were threatened.
However, I always felt that the king was well intentioned because he made many attempts to restore normalcy since the time he was enthroned. In the mid 70s he had appointed Turgot as chief finance minister to take care of the worsening situation. ...
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This is probably the last correspondence that I am making to you; I have been tried at the court today and shall end my life by tomorrow at the court's orders. As you know we have been witnessing havoc out here since last four years, but the real reasons for this lie in the degrading situation since the late 70s when the economic inefficiencies began to surface…
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