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Essay example - IT Security

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Digital information is one of the most valuable and one of most vulnerable commodities in our society. Personal information can be attained by criminals to establish an identity at the victim's expense. Confidential personal and medical information can be compromised that may place people at risk of embarrassment or loss of a position…

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There is a long line of self-interested intruders ready and willing to capture this valuable data, and as our reliance on digital information has grown, so have the threats. Large concentrations of data, mobile devices, and the need to keep the data useful has all added to the vulnerability of our information technology. While our information system has worked to make our data more secure, the threats of attack and the divulging of information has become ever more prevalent. Information security is an ongoing process that can never quite meet the challenge of the security threats.
Security threats originate from three sources. There are internal threats from corrupt employees, external threats that originate from external attacks on the system, and system failure. While direct attacks may compromise the data, system failure can cause a loss of information or system shutdown. While developing a system of access control minimizes attacks, system failures are dealt with through a system of redundancy and audit tracking. These systems are open to compromise by direct attack or well meaning employees that practice lax security measures.
The security of a database or network often begins with access control. At the system level this may mean the use of passwords. Passwords are easily compromised and are often shared for the purposes of convenience. ...
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