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Salem Trials - Essay Example

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A grave social misconduct, unfounded suspicions, academic inadequacies, social injustice and oppression are but few of the characteristics that defines the nature of the Salem trials in 1692. This chapter of our history illuminated a smear of sociopolitical blunder that hindered freedom, propagated maltreatment and impeded due process for the accused…

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Salem Trials

To defend themselves from the punishment and excommunication of their religion, they had to admit that they were unaware of what they have done and that some witch cast a spell upon them and made them do such kind of things. An act that was born out of curiosity and adventure now turned into a general crisis. Upon realizing this story, the authorities took action by demanding that the girls give out names, thus 19 people were accused.
Similarly, history seemed to have repeated itself in the guise of cold war when the conflict between USSR and USA erupted. Due to ideological differences, the communistic Russia compounded several reasons to cause apprehension among Americans. Both countries began to question their subject's loyalty and considered everyone a threat to their liberty. In America, a massive hunt for communist began. The HUAC campaign of John McCarthy "expounded fiery anti-Communist diatribes in print and in the new medium of television" (Boyer. 1985). What started as mere rivalry of powers, turned into a dark cloud of suspicion above everyone, and so began the espionage mission to address the impending threat to national security. ...
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