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Non Humans and Graphics‏

Which is vry tru. Howvr it is anothr mattr that natural slction and cultural slction, that will ultimatly dcid on th "popularity" of an art don't function in th sam way. Anyhow How can w rmov th cultural bias or th human bias that w hav in our art forms
.Answrs in Artificial Lif: Artificial lif may b dfind as "A fild of study dvotd to undrstanding lif by attmpting to driv gnral thoris undrlying biological phnomna, and rcrating ths dynamics in othr physical mdia - such as computrs - making thm accssibl to nw kinds of xprimntal manipulation and tsting. This scintific rsarch links biology and computr scinc."1
Most of th A-Lif simulations today can not b considrd truly aliv, as thy still can not show som proprtis of truly aliv systms and also that thy hav considrabl human bias in dsign. Howvr thr ar two viws that hav xistd on th whol ida of Artificial Lif and th xtnt it can go.
Strong A-Lif is xactly th rvrs. John Von Numann onc rmarkd "lif is a procss which can b abstractd away from any particular mdium". In rcnt tims cologist Tom Ray dclard that his computr simulation Tirra was not a simulation of lif but a synthsis of lif. In Tirra, computr programms compt for CPU tim and accss to th main mmory. Ths programs ar also volvabl, can rplicat, mutat and rcombin.
. ...
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Sinc childhood I hav njoyd sktching and painting, and vry much at that! Somtims i found myslf copying an xisting imag or painting, making small changs hr and thr in it. Ys, th paintings cam out bautiful (or so i think!), but on thing always mad m unhappy, i thought that th crativity ndd to mak original stuff was missing at tims (not always)…
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