Obesity as an emerging epidemic

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Obesity has been regarded as an emerging epidemic. Prevention of obesity can be accomplished through public health policy modifications, especially when the problems can be reframed in systemic terms. This article provides an assessment of reframing of the problem of obesity in systemic terms of risks.


In this study, the authors describe the rising obesity rates and related increase in the healthcare costs, which have been highlighted in research and popular media over again. There is a need for action, and there is a considerable stigmatization of obese people, especially children. There is need for guidelines for public health managers in order to design and implement obesity prevention programmes, which can minimize stigma. This article discusses the social process involved in obesity stigmatisation, its consequences, and its manifestations in health service provision. Based on research, this study also suggests how to design nonstigmatising obesity prevention public health programmes.
Management of overweight and obesity is an important public health agenda since these are associated with ill health. There is recognized gap between primary care activities and public health goals to reduce obesity and overweight. Based on systemic reviews and key literatures, the relationships between these have been explored. This study reveals that with sustained political support and investment, the primary care and public health sectors may work hand in hand to reduce obesity through both personal and social interventions, which ultimately may lead to reduction of cardiovascular events.
This study examined the pub ...
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