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answering the three uestions

Fourth, it fails to accommodate the changing needs of the company, the employees, and its customers. In addition, the employees are left to do much of their learning on an individual basis, and are left to find their own way of doing things. Employees feel less a part of the organization, and have less of a sense of value. In the case of Apex, it cost the company thousands of dollars in wasted steel. In a medical setting, an employee may not be updated on the most current laws and could place the company at risk for a lawsuit. In all cases, it results in inefficiency and a lowered standard of quality.
Job descriptions are a critical part of a job training program, as they are the foundation that the job is built upon. A comprehensive job description tells the employee what is expected of them and what the position entails. It may elaborate on job requirements and special skills that may be needed. According to Erven, a good job description can, "help to sell jobs to recruits, develop training programs, motivate employees, make evaluation simpler, reduce turnover and reduce chances of litigation" (1). Training is more than just informing an employee how to do the job, or operate the machine. ...
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Apex's training process is an informal process of transferring information from more experienced employees to the newer employees. This has several drawbacks. First, it relies on the senior employees to do the training, who may not have the best training skills…
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