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JacquesLouis David

However, he was more interested in drawing than studying to be an architect. Because of David's growing discontent and his failure to do well at the college, his mother and uncles sent him to study under a distant relative; Francois Boucher, a well-known Rococo artist. Soon Boucher also recognized David's restlessness and his rejection of the Rococo genre. As a result of this Boucher persuaded his friend, Joseph-Marie Vien, to take David under wing for the purpose of instruction him in the classical painting style. He also wanted Vien to see to it that David the attended the Royal Academy-later to be known as The Louvre.
Attending the academy represented another turning point in David's life. Finally, he was able to do what he wanted to do. Excited about the possibilities now awaiting him, it wasn't long until he met a constitute-Gavin Hamilton. With his approval and others of the same thinking, it wasn't long until David was confident in his own abilities and works. Soon he was recognized as one of the most important artists of the neo-classical movement. However, he felt he could do more in Paris, and returned there in 1780. In the years following this, David began to be considered as one of the most serious artists of the times to represent the social and political society in which they lived.
Still under tutelage of Vien, David was full of ambition and confident in his ...
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Frenchman Jacques-Louis David was born August 30, 1748, in Paris, and died December 29, 1825 in Brussels, Belgium. He was 77 years of age at the time of his death. He is considered by historians to be the most prominent painter of the Neo-classical art movement (era) in France.
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